Our Methods

RIO Advisors uses three different methods to work alongside individual executives, leadership teams, and Boards of Directors. We have found them to be effective both individually and as a combination.

Thought Partnership

Many leaders come to RIO Advisors for an advisor to help them discover and accomplish personal and organizational goals. We guide you individually or as team to see new strategic options for your leadership, adjust your leadership stance, and determine where you should invest in skills, experiences, or resources to achieve your desired impact. We never deliver theory alone; in every engagement we work alongside you on specific business issues using the best tools and research available. You often know what you need to do. We help you do it well.

Leadership Facilitation

We design and facilitate meetings for Boards or executive teams seeking to discover new possibilities, shift their organizational culture, and/or invest in needed capabilities. This often includes an information-gathering phase in which RIO Advisors conducts interviews and market research to frame key inputs for the group meeting. RIO Advisors then marries its deep knowledge of group process with a unique understanding of your organization’s market context to lead your team through a conversation that culminates in strategic decision-making. Good team conversations take work. We set you up to make them happen easily, again and again.


RIO Advisors offers a unique toolkit designed to help you implement sustainable organizational transformation. To discover possibilities, we work with you to co-create Strategic Frameworks outlining what you need to do and how you have to change to achieve your goal. We help you create Decision-Making Frameworks that let you form a new culture and shift employee mindsets by clearly communicating how decisions ought to be made. Once capability investments have been determined, we will guide you in Capability Mapping to help you identify the skills and resources your organization needs. Our Implementation Frameworks give you a phased, workable plan to transform your organization and accelerate the accomplishment of your strategic objectives. Accomplishing strategic objectives requires lots of change all at once. We give you the tools to speed it up.

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