Strategic Levers

At RIO Advisors, our goal is to help you create sustainable growth in your organization by focusing on three strategic levers: possibility, culture, and capabilities. Across hundreds of organizations and leadership teams, we have seen leaders who focus on these three levers drive sustainable success.


Discovering Possibility requires looking at the organization’s market landscape and relevant trends to find new strategic options. Relentless market pressure makes this essential even for highly successful organizations, whose skilled personnel, flexible resources, and dedicated leadership position them to grow ahead of the curve. We facilitate individual and group process to help you gain clarity on decisions for your future.


Implementing these strategic options requires a rigorous focus on the Culture of the organization. Strategies often fail to take root because the organization’s people struggle to switch to the new mindsets and behaviors necessary for success. Growth requires having a team where decision-making is based on strong knowledge-sharing practices and shared operating principles. We frame the evaluation of growth options through the lens of your culture to make sure your strategy sticks.


Investing in Capabilities refers to the strategic options in people, infrastructure, and external resources your organization has at hand to achieve its goals. Growth requires appropriately scaling your existing capabilities and rethinking how to access new ones. We guide a thoughtful discussion on the best place and time to invest to create the biggest positive impact.

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